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David Wygant – Undercover Approaches Women Crave


Published on: December 9, 2020
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?How To Approach Women ANYWHERE From The Street To The Bookstore…. Listen In Live As He Goes ?Undercover? To Show You Step-By-Step How To Confidently Intrigue, Attract, And Get Dates With Women WHEREVER You Go!?

Dear Friend,

It is BY FAR the number one request I get from guys: ?David, I want to hear what YOU say when you approach and talk to a woman…?

A lot of guys feel they will ?get it? and better embrace the concepts about how to approach if they see me doing it.

So why do SO many guys feel watching me will massively help them do it successfully for themselves? What is it that guys think they will get from this, that they can’t get from other books and products?

Well, surprisingly it all boils down to just a few reasons, that I’m sure you’re familiar with:

You see women all the time you want to go up and talk to, BUT you just can’t seem to get yourself to approach them.
You have all sorts of ?monkey chatter? – negative and nervous voices in your head – telling you that you’re not good-looking enough, that she is out of your league, or that she doesn’t want to be bothered, etc. – that make you hesitate, second guess yourself, and ultimately, keeps you from actually walking up to them.
You go out because you want to meet women, BUT once you’re there you always STRUGGLE to come up with something to say
To be more specific, you really struggle because you are not sure what is the RIGHT thing to say to the women you want to meet.
You are sick and tired of the regret you feel every time you watch another guy walk off with a woman you wanted to meet… all because you HESITATED, were too nervous to approach her, or didn’t know what to say.

Am I right?

And how DRAINING, frustrating, and annoying are all these?! (Let’s be honest, it sucks!)
Well, You Are CERTAINLY Not Alone.

In fact…

Over the course of my 14+ years of coaching men, these are probably the MOST COMMON things that guys struggle with in meeting women.

But that still doesn’t really answer why so many guys every single day are asking me to figure out a way to allow them to hear what I say when I approach a woman.

The answer is really learning how to eliminate approach anxiety by BECOMING A MASTER COMMUNICATOR (a lot more on this in a minute!), but I have determined that there is one massively effective thing that helps guys do this . . .


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