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Dawid Tuminski – How To Draw Your Illustration Using Pen Tool in Illustrator


Published on: December 10, 2020
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How To Efficiently Draw Your Illustration Using Pen Tool in Illustrator Digital illustration Trace

Aren?t you tired of fighting with the pen tool to trace your drawings in Illustrator?

Aren?t you fed up with trying to make it listen to you and help you in making your sketches come to life?

I know that learning the pen tool can be a frustrating task that gets harder every time you are not getting the results you expect.

And you might be thinking that

?your drawings are not precise enough?

?or that you are not using the pen tool efficiently enough?

But it?s really not your fault.

The problem lies in the way you were taught how to use the pen tool, and other tools, in the past.

Once you find out the right way of using the pen tool (and other tools) you will be surprised how easy it is to trace your sketches in Illustrator.

Just imagine yourself grabbing the pen tool with confidence and watching your sketch come to life click?by-click.

Inside this course

You will learn how to trace a simple sketch, just to learn the basic tools and concepts
and then how to trace a bit more complex drawing and how to add colors to your drawings in the most efficient and practical way
You will learn how to use not only the pen tool to trace your sketches, but also other tools that will help you in making the process fast and smooth.
So if you want to just grab the pen tool and trace your drawings like you were born to do it, now is your chance.

This course will clear up all the confusion you might be feeling when trying to move your sketches from a piece of paper to your computer screen.

But please be aware that this course is not for Illustrator beginners: we won?t be talking about the absolute basics of the tools, but rather how to use them efficiently, one you know how they basically work.

Don?t forget that as always you totally covered by a complete 30-day money back guarantee

?so it?s completely risk free?

If you finally want to start tracing your drawings efficiently and easily, take this class now.


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