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Holothink – Deep Zen


Published on: December 10, 2020
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People like you are a special breed. While the rest of the world is engaged in trying to speed life up ? or struggling to keep up with it ? you appreciate that what makes life really enjoyable and worthwhile can be summed up in a word ? peacefulness.

You must be as amazed as we are by all of the recent good press touting the many benefits of meditation. It?s proven to be good for reducing stress, easing chronic pain, improving focus and so much more.

?Recent research has shown that meditation is good for the brain. It appears to increase gray matter, improve the immune system, reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.?

? The New York Times, 5/08/2007

But you are already convinced of meditations many benefits. The question that persists is ? why Deep Zen?

Deep Zen is Holothink?s premiere quality meditation program. This program consists of professionally designed, proprietary, digitally programmed binaural beat tracks that gently guide the user?s brainwave state into deep theta ? that?s a deeply relaxed state of feelin?-goodness just above sleep where the mind unplugs from conscious reality and ventures into the spiritual realm.

While other companies make varied claims, we guarantee that A) Our programs are superior to any other, offered at any price and B) That they will do exactly what we say they will do for you or will give you every penny of your money back.

?Study Shows Significant Benefits of Meditation?

Meditating for just 20 minutes a day for five days helped to increase energy and decrease anxiety and stress, as measured by levels of stress hormones . . .?

? USA Today

Our Customers Demand Choices ?
We Deliver Choices

We provide you with a choice between these raw binaural tracks, only, and tracks that include ambient foreground sounds. Each and every order includes a complete set of both so you don?t need to choose between the two now.

To avoid the tedious, each ambient track offers a slightly different ambient sound experience. Having served thousands of customers we have learned that not everyone enjoys the same sound experience ? but we?ve worked hard for you to compose a collection of ambient sounds that are universally accepted and appreciated.

Idea: Some of our users like to mix the binaural tracks with their own sound track of choice. We encourage that ? just remember that our programs are protected by copyright law, so please no sharing and definitely no selling. Thank you!

Is Deep Zen the Right Choice For Everyone?

Have you ever met someone who preferred hand washing their clothes to using a washing machine?

Or maybe you?ve met someone (in Arizona ? HOT in July!) who?s against using the air conditioning.

For those who don?t have seven years to dedicate to a Monastery in a serene, remote mountain setting we offer the next best thing at a fraction of the expense ? even for a zen monk. Over seven years Deep Zen runs about .91 cents per month and we are certain you?ll continue to use these programs for many years to come.

Of course meditation isn?t just for zen heads; meditation is also proven to be good for people with high blood pressure (who, of course, prefer it lower), tames depression, eases pain, reduces head aches, improves overall sense of well-being, relieves stress, stimulates creative problem solving . . . and even helps some people lose weight.

We?re not making this up ? it?s been well documented by numerous universities and reported in some of the most influential news publications.

Would you argue against meditation as being fundamentally necessary to good mental and physical health?

We wouldn?t either ? but of course we?d risk upsetting your doctor (and his team of attorneys) by implying *we* treat, diagnose or cure any physical or mental ailment so, this is our disclaimer . . . we don?t promi


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