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Demian Caceres – Tee Profits Recipe


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Tee Profits Recipe is unlike any other t-shirt marketing course out there. It?s the only one that gives you a complete marketing plan for t-shirts. You get the ?how,? the ?why? and the ?when? for running profitable campaigns with Tee Profits Recipe. There?s no guesswork involved.

Tee Profits Recipe isn?t just theory. This is about how to plan and execute t-shirt campaigns.

Tee Profits Recipe has two sections.


PDF document giving you a detailed overview of the system.


18 over-the-shoulder videos, so watch me set up campaigns live. But these aren?t your ordinary ?over-the-shoulder videos.?

You?re getting a complete ?A-Z? rundown of every single element in a successful t-shirt marketing campaign. It?s all laid out in real time. . . there?s no skipping steps and bouncing around to confuse you.

You?ll see exactly how I set up my own campaigns . . with absolutely nothing left out.

Even if you?ve never set up a campaign before, you?ll be a pro by the end of the videos. With every video, you?ll gain confidence and gain t-shirt marketing mastery. . . everything will be crystal clear.

And don?t think if you?ve tipped a t-shirt campaign or two before, there?s nothing for you here.

There?s tons of advanced tactics included that haven?t been discussed anywhere else. Including my tactic for contests that get you viral traffic from ?Likes? and ?Shares? . . . but never gets you slapped by Facebook.

No matter what your current level of t-marketing expertise is, from beginner to advanced, you?re going to see tactics I?ve never revealed to anyone except my students.

Together, the PDF and the videos give you all the ammunition you need to crush it with t-shirts using my ?A-Z? plan.

There?s benefits in Tee Profits Recipe for beginning, intermediate and advanced t-shirt marketers alike. No matter what your t-shirt marketing skills are now, you?ll master advanced tracking and analytics skills with this training. You?ll also increase organic traffic to your campaigns with little effort on your part.

The bottom line? An increased ROI on your tee campaigns.


Here?s an overview of what?s inside the video modules of Tee Profits Recipe. In the interest of saving space, I?m only able to display the highlights from each module. But know that the information inside the videos goes into great depth.

Remember, I?ll walk you through what to do, how to do it and when to do it. No guesswork involved. . .

Video 1: Niche Selection
The under used resource that gives you THOUSANDS of niches just by typing one word
The specific questions to ask yourself to find niches that produce winning campaigns almost every time
The SINGLE change in perspective that will allow you to master ANY niche without knowing anything about it

Video 2: Success Leaves Clues
The ?Why didn?t I think of that?? method to make 50 times the money with ONE design
Sherlock Holmes has nothing on you?quickly sleuth out winning design ideas with these tactics (hint: it?s not just using Teeview)
The ?think like a customer?strategy that uncovers dozens of hidden interests and keywords
Save hours in research time with the ultimate in t-shirt research software

Video 3: Hiring a Designer
There?s one sure way to fail at t-shirt marketing ? find out what it i


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