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Denis Balitskiy, Michael Young – FB Clicks Massacre


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Dear fellow marketer:

The industry has told you COUNTLESS LIES. You see, it’s very easy to create a fan page on dogs, or cats, and then get 10.000 likes for pennies to that page. Even my 96 years old Grandma could do that.

But, here’s the twist: the problem is, even if you get so many likes to your page in those ?fake? niches, you will struggle to monetize them.
But what about getting clicks REAL to products in REAL NICHES like: FOREX, LOSE WEIGHT, MAKE MONEY ONLINE?

– My SECRET FORMULA revealed in depth (all the components, and how to apply it to real life campaigns)

– How to gather Demographic Information for FREE, before you even drive any clicks (fail doing this, and you will never get one cent clicks).

– The exact SOFTWARE I personally use, that will bring you all the data you need, to laser target your audience (this is also is FREEEEEE).

– 6 things you should NEVER do if you don’t want to get banned from Facebook.

– How to choose the best image for your ads, and a case study on the performance of different images (you will LOVE this part).

– Where to get stock images for Facebook Ads, for FREE. (yes 100% PRO images, and still FREE).

– The 3 components a good FB Ad Headline has to have to skyrocket CTRs.

– My 6 secret tweaks that make KILLING Headlines.

– Why my bids ALWAYS make my cost per click go down.

– When you should choose CPC, oCPV, or CPV (sounds way too difficult? My guide makes it so easy, my hamster could apply it. Even though hamsters don’t do FB

– My PROVEN-AND-TESTED BEST CONVERTING IMAGES USED FOR FACEBOOK ADS (save thousands of dollars in split-testing).

– My FB course that will show you how to set up a Fan Gate for FREE. Also, how I get TONS of leads for Pennies (200 leads a day for less than 20 cents each).


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