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Derek Halpern – Blog That Converts


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Module #1: Operation Quickstart

(This module is better described as the reason why people should read your blog. Between developing what I call your ?Superpower Solution? and the ?Divide and Conquer technique,? your blog can become irresistible).

Module #2: How to Create Remarkable Content that Generates a Landslide of Traffic

(If you think list posts are the only way to get traffic, wait till you learn the 7 content archetypes in this course. These are the exact types of content I?ve used to build several popular blogs and I reveal them all in detail).

Module #3: How to Promote Your Blog-And Generate A Ton of Traffic

(Once you?ve got a foundation, and the right type of content, the question is, how can you actually get readers? Most people say ?SEO,? or ?Social Media,? but now you?ll learn others ways you can generate a boatload of traffic).

Module #4: How to you Sell Your Products and Services From Your Blog (Without Pissing Too Many People Off)

(This is where most people go wrong. They build a readership, and then they ?jump the shark.? Use these strategies to make sure it doesn?t happen to you).


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