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Derek Rake – Boyfriend Destroyer System


Published on: April 27, 2022
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TRUE OR FALSE? “It’s impossible to get an attached woman to leave her boyfriend for you.”

Answer: FALSE. And I will prove to you how jaw-droppingly easy it is to make a woman completely forget about her boyfriend… and come running after YOU like a love-stricken puppy in heat.

NOTE: This article is about using highly advanced seduction techniques that a man can use to “erase” a woman’s love for another man. If you are offended by the idea of pursuing a woman who already has a boyfriend, then please leave immediately. I won’t be held responsible for any action that you might choose to take from obtaining this information.

The complete Boyfriend Destroyer System consists of three components: the Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence (in mp3 format), 6 Boyfriend Destroyer Routines (in pdf format) and the 9 Advanced Boyfriend Annihilation Patterns (in pdf format). Here’s a sampler of what’s inside the system:

  • “Know The Enemy” – what you must do to identify the boyfriend’s weaknesses… and discover exactly how to exploit them

  • How to be go completely “undercover” so that she is not aware that you’re making her love her boyfriend less

  • The biggest objection that an attached woman can give you… and how you can overcome it easily with this simple trick

  • How to create the illusion that you’re the “Bigger Man” – and make her naturally love you more because she will perceive you as the “better deal”

  • “The Vanishing Anchor” – the most effective routine you can use to overcome the “I Have A Boyfriend” objection

  • “Extreme Polarity” – a trick you can use to “suggest” to a woman that her boyfriend is an idiot and covertly get her to consider YOU as the replacement

  • “Future Projection” – a simple (but effective) technique you can use on someone you have just met (and told you that she’s attached)

  • “The Annihilator” – an advanced technique which would make a woman associate bad feelings with her boyfriend

  • “Lightning Rapport Builder” – a trick you can use to instantly build emotional connections with a woman you’ve just met… so that she feels that she has known you for years

  • “The Comparison Test” – contributed by Rick Rudder, this technique is used to make a woman compare her boyfriend with an illusory “perfect man”, which makes him look highly inadequate

  • “Make Her Obey You” – a technique used to control a woman’s feelings and make her obey your commands – works on any woman

  • “Make Her Your Leech” – Johan Ingram’s method on making a woman feel emotionally dependent on you so that she won’t be able to quit you – think of it as the “Anti Boyfriend Destroyer” routine

  • “Communication Seduction” – Rick Cage’s favorite routine – use this to seduce an attached women with a combination of verbal and non-verbal assault

  • “Boyfriend Destroyer on Steroids” – Derek Rake’s version of the Boyfriend Destroyer built on his “SeductionOnSteroids” philosophy – not available anywhere else

  • “The Rollercoaster” – the most powerful routine of the lot and absolutely not for the faint-hearted – I frequently use this to seal the deal.


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