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Diction In Depth:Master Your Words Maximize Your Potential


Published on: December 14, 2020
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This course is all about diction – which simply means word choice – and it’s for people who want to communicate with greater clarity, confidence, impact and ease. Words are the building blocks with which we articulate our thoughts; understanding diction at a granular level will simplify and strengthen how you think about speaking and writing.

We’re going to explore critical and creative ways of understanding and using diction to become more skilled communicators. Just as confidence and conscientiousness with the words you choose can empower you and help you get what you want, discomfort or apathy towards words can sabotage your chances of getting what you want, personally and professionally.

Although diction is a Language Fundamental, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. To ensure that we’re picking the best words to deliver our message, we need to think deeply about the purpose of our communication. To this end, you’ll learn how to define the purpose of your communication in order to select words that most precisely align with that purpose.


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