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Digital Marketing Course to become Expert Digital Marketer


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Become an Digital Marketing Expert start learning from fundamentals! Strong digital marketing fundamentals great learn!

Objective of Training Program

To make you an expert in marketing a business online by making you learn and understand how to do digital marketing & Start learning from Fundamentals.

To make you earn money online by doing affiliate marketing and adsense blogging as a part time or full time freelancer. Outcome Of Training Program After successful completion of the training program, you not only become capable to track and monitor digital marketing performance, but, you will be able to plan, conceptualize and implement Digital Marketing strategy yourself. Put simply, you become an expert in marketing any business online.

Training Process

The training starts with Digital Marketing Overview wherein you learn the basics of digital marketing that help you build a strong base for the practical sessions that follow. Then, to provide hands-on-practical exposure, you create a website. The purpose behind creating a website is to provide you a practical exposure of every component. Actually, you are not just learning digital marketing, you are actually doing it. Once you have the basics in order and your website is up and running, the training kick starts to more advanced digital marketing modules wherein you learn SEO, PPC Advertising, Google Analytics, E-mail marketing, Mobile Web Marketing and Online Advertising. Another interesting component in this digital marketing training program is Social Media Marketing comprising of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Video and Viral marketing. Keeping modern day business requirements in mind, this training has a very important component, i.e., Lead generation for business. Under this component, you not only learn how to generate potential business leads but, also how to convert those leads into sales and increase your business revenue. Our team of renowned Affiliate marketers will train and share tips and tricks on how you can make money online with Affiliate Marketing and AdSense Blogging. So, this means you can mint money online anytime, as a part-time or full-time freelancer?All you need is a laptop and an internet connection! Once your training is over and you are well versed practically with all the components, you are awarded an industry recognized certification . Advance digital marketing course with 24+ hours video lectures includes 17 modules as follow

Digital Marketing and Overview Website Planning & Creation Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing or Google Adwords Google Analytics Social Media Marketing Facebook Marketing LinkedIn Marketing Twitter Marketing YouTube Marketing Email Marketing Lead Generation Online Display Advertising Mobile Marketing Content Marketing Online Reputation Marketing Digital Marketing Strategy


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