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Don Crowther – The Content Max System


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Yep, the Internet isn?t fair. And, unfortunately, you?re the one who suffers as a result.

Which means that your content, though it may even be better than that produced by someone else, will probably only be seen a fraction of the number of people who will see their content!

After nearly 2 years of development and testing, I have perfected a process, literally a step-by-step system, for identifying, creating and promoting content that generates huge results (often 200-1000 times what you?re used to getting), great search engine positioning and powerful personal/company positioning in the market.

The Content MAX System shows you the very same techniques the Kings Of Content Marketing use to maximize the results they get from their content, enabling you to get a significantly higher return on the time and money you spend on creating content.

while spending less time and money doing it, and living the life of your dreams!

Why create content that?s not likely to be shared and linked to? I?ll show you two powerful tools that tell you what content is generating the most pass-along, allowing you to get your audience to market for you, maximizing your results!

I?ll walk you through a system that gives you the latest news and posts from the top 100 sites in your category which you can process in less than 10 minutes per day. You can use these as idea-starters for your own content production.

I?ll show you

I?ll demonstrate the best ways to promote content, including

Systems are always easier to execute if they come with a step-by-step system map, walking you through each step. This turns the system into a fill-in-the-blank checklist that you, your team, or an outsourcer can use to implement The ContentMAX System perfectly and flawlessly every time.

You get the complete System Flowchart, walking you through, step-by-step, the entire system on one graphical image!

In addition to the complete System Flowchart, you?ll also receive the:

Specifically designed to help you retain and implement this system to build your business!

You CAN run a ContentMAX System by yourself, but the real power comes when you develop a content-development team to leverage your position in the marketplace.

In How To Build (And Outsource) Your Content Creation Team I teach you a system that builds a reliable, affordable team that creates GREAT content. In it you?ll discover:

Plus, I?ll even give you access to the website and application process we use to hire content creators, so you can copy it for yourself.

This system regularly sells for $197, but, for a limited time, you get it as a free bonus for investing in The ContentMAX System!

Most people don?t understand curation. They think it?s copying other people?s work. Nope, that?s illegal, and it?s wrong!

In The Content Curation System, you?ll learn how to legally and appropriately build on popular content produced by other people in a way that will cause them to beg you to curate more!

You?ll discover


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