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Dot Bekker – Watch What You’re Saying


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Most of our communication isn’t about the words we speak, it’s our gestures, expressions and tone of voice that really give us away. Are you aware of your own non-verbal communication are you connecting or dis-connecting with people.

If you know that you could improve your social communication, personal relationships and confidence then you will find this interactive talk not only fun but it could give you insights you never realised before.

Dot will also give you insights into facial traits that will help you literally ‘read’ how you can better connect with people, and even understand your own personal communication style. Never before have non-verbal communication and facial traits been combined in such a way.

During the talk you will discover 5 ways that a better understanding of non-verbal communication and face traits can benefit you

? Understanding why we are the way we are
?How men and women have different cues and how this affects our ability to connect
?Detecting deception
?Acknowledge your personal traits and those of others to improve communication
?Quick tips to boost confidence in any situation


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