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Dr Alan Gaby – The 2017 That Vitamin Summit 2, 18th – 24th May 2017


Published on: December 10, 2020
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DAY 1 Presentations
Dr Jay Davidson ? Your liver and gallbladder
James Colquhoun ? Does Food REALLY Matter?
Dr Eric Zielinski ? Essential Oils for Metabolic Syndrome

DAY 2 Presentations
Phillip Day ? Whose fault is it that we?re sick?
Tom Malterre ? PPI?s and vitamins D&K
Andrew Saul ? The ?B? Vitamins and Niacin

DAY 3 Presentations
Dr David Jockers ? Supporting the stress response
Dr Alan Gaby ? Nutritional Treatment for various diseases
Dr Ron Hunninghake ? Vitamin C ? the crucial ingredient

DAY 4 Presentations
Dr Thomas Levy ? Antibiotics, Vaccines and Vitamins
Dr Joseph Mercola ? Fat for Fuel
Dr Michael Gonzalez ? Vitamin C and Cancer

DAY 5 Presentations
Trevor King ? Naturally Cure Depression
Dr Neil Riordan ? Stem Cell Treatments
Trudy Scott, CN ? Amino acids for anxiety

DAY 6 Presentations
Sayer Ji ? Discussing some lesser known supplements
Helen Saul Case ? Vitamins and Vaccines
Dr Victor Marcial-Vega ? Integrative Supplementation

DAY 7 Presentations
Dr V. Desaulniers ? Breast Cancer Protocol
Andrew Saul ? Putting it all together
Jonathan Landsman ? Exposing the worst nutritional advice ever

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