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Dr. Luke Angel – Lead Agile Meetings: Productive,Effective,Efficient Meetings


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Many new agile teams think flexibility in their meetings allows them to do whatever feels right. In reality, agile projects move more smoothly by running short, well-structured activities. Each activity is time boxed, so the teams stay on track and work within a set time and agenda.

    In this course, agile expert Luke Angel outlines how to make agile meetings as productive as possible. He provides guidance on common activities such as release planning, daily stand-ups, sprint planning, retrospectives, and product demos. Throughout the course,you will learn about common meeting pitfalls and the challenges of keeping activities on track.

    An Agile project has less upfront planning. When you start an Agile project, you don’t know what the completed vvvvproduct will look like. You start with a general notion of where you’re going and you make frequent improvements v how to get there. Agile is adaptive, not predictive. Much of the energy comes from new ideas and changes. In this course we’ll take a deeper dive into some of the Agile ceremonies. We’ll go further into the planning meetings and talk about

    Whether your a Project Manager, a Software Developer, or a Senior Manager, this course is designed to help you get greater agility from your team. So let’s get started, Driving Productive Agile Meetings.

    In this course you will learn

    Topics include:

    How to Run Agile Meetings
    How to Keep Meetings Lightweight
    How to timebox to avoid meetings that run on forever.
    How to create a release schedule
    Delivering without scope
    Inviting the right groups
    Hosting awesome daily stand ups
    Break through roadblocks
    Avoiding common pitfalls


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