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Dr. Luke Angel – Successful Agile Planning And Estimation with User Stories


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Agile Projects are adaptive and fast moving. To be successful with Agile, you need to follow some simple planning steps to keep the project on track. There are only a few simple practices, but it’s important to understand these practices and follow them correctly. We’ll start this course by introducing the Agile Sprints. Working in sprints is a significant departure from traditional projects.Next, we’ll see how to create an Agile User Story. These stories are the centerpiece of Agile planning. I’ll demonstrate how to estimate each story and then roll them up into a planned sprint.

    Finally, we’ll take these estimates and demonstrate how you calculate your team’s velocity. That way you can create a release schedule for your final product delivery. Whether your a Project Manager, a Software Developer, or a Senior Manager, this course is designed to help you get greater agility from your team. So let’s get started planning your project with Agile User Stories.

    Topics include:

    Starting with user roles
    Creating user stories
    Grouping stories with themes or epics
    Creating a project charter
    Writing your release plan
    Avoiding common pitfalls


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