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Drayton Bird – 51 Helpful Marketing Ideas


Published on: December 9, 2020
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In ?51 Helpful Marketing Ideas?, Drayton Bird takes a lifetime of learning on what works and what doesn’t, and lays it out in crisp and simple language.

I first met Drayton over twenty years ago when I was the newly minted managing director of OgilvyOne (then Ogilvy Direct) in Toronto and he was the global Creative Director.

Drayton taught me and my staff the roots of direct marketing from the basics up. He drilled us on the principles of targeting and offers and urged us to test, test, test.

He exhorted us to ‘never sell to a stranger’. It wasn’t by accident that in the next five years our agency tripled in size and won over 100 awards for creativity and effectiveness.

Drayton keeps it simple. He cuts through the jargon and always lands on the golden question, as David Ogilvy did:

What would you do if it were your own money?
Any serious student of marketing and selling needs to read Drayton’s book. These are the lessons of a lifetime that last a lifetime.

Brian Fetherstonhaugh
Chairman and CEO
OgilvyOne Worldwide

?Your books are among my most valued possessions, and easily
among the greatest ever written on advertising, right up there
with those by Caples, ogilvy, schwab, reeves and hopkins.?
– Gary Bencivenga, ?Hall of Fame? copywriter

?Here is a man who has lived it, studied it and done it.
When it comes to direct marketing there is no-one better than
drayton Bird.?

– Director of the First US Trade Mission for Direct Marketing

?People toss the phrase ‘living legend’ around far too casually. Drayton Bird really is such a person. he knows direct marketing from the inside out, and the crucial details necessary to turn concepts, strategies, and words themselves into sales, empires, and fortunes.?

– David Garfinkel, Publisher, World Copywriting Blog


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