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Drexel Scott – The Casanova Key


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Content


– Projecting sexual energy that imprints a specific picture in a woman’s mind

– Letting a woman know that you are not interested in being her boyfriend

– Advancing on a woman without appearing needy or weird

Bonus items include:

– Audio version of course

– Flake Re-Ignition Phrases

– Badass Ass Boundaries

– Pavlov’s Blowjob

Table of Contents

– Where to never take a woman on a first date

– A method to eliminate a woman’s resistance to sex

– The Solar Fountain Ritual to eliminate fear and anxiety

– Bait and Bang method to unleash a woman’s “inner pornstar”

– Zipless Digits Techniques to smoothly get a woman’s telephone number

– Big mistakes that guarantee a beautiful woman will reject your approach

– Done-For-You-Dating Roadmap to sweep a woman off her feet and into bed

– The forbidden knowledge Casanova used to have sex with beautiful women

– #1 conversational mistake that makes women think you’re gay or uninterested

– The Sexual Seed-Planting Method to activate a woman’s raw, primal lust for you

– Foolproof First-Words Formula that compels a woman to seductively zero in on you


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