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Eben Pagan – Almighty Advanced Bundle


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Building A Virtual Business: How to build and manage a business and team virtually
Master Map of Success: Comprehensive approach to ?mapping? people and business
Money Psychology: Learn the mindset you need to create wealth in your life
Learn the mindset you need to create wealth in your life.
Money Psychology is a bonus Eben Pagan is offering for his Self Made Wealth program.

What’s the difference?

Self Made Wealth is a 90 day coaching and mentoring program.

Money Psychology is an audio program which introduces you to some of the concepts Eben covers in Self Made Wealth and has ten sessions.

Eben says, there is considerable overlap between the two programs. Eben is planning to use it as the introduction to the Self Made Wealth program.

In this section you’ll learn exactly what ?Money Psychology? means and why understanding this one concept is essential to you making more money and taking control of your financial future. You’ll learn how and why people fail or succeed with money and wealth, and what you can do to guarantee long-term financial success.

1. ?Money Psychology? is the relationship between a person’s mind and emotions, and the medium of exchange called money. In this program you’ll learn how to improve and control this relationship to create more money for yourself and others.

2. What most people do when they study a program on how to make more money… is they go right to the ?how to make money techniques?… and don’t do the work of laying the foundation of their inner game FIRST. This is a mistake.

a. If you want to make money, you have to start with the Inner Game first – the mindsets, your emotional motivation – this will really give you a better chance of making substantially more money, now and in the long run.

3. MasterMind – Mindset – Motivation – Mastery – Money.

a. Money comes as a result of mastering certain skills.
b. Mastering certain skills come from your motivation to stick with it.
c. Motivation to stick with it comes from your mindset.
d. And your mindset comes from MasterMind – the people who are closest to you.
e. So we will start with your MasterMind.

4. Money does not have value in itself – it’s simply something we trade for things that we really want.

5. Don’t mistake money for actual value – historically, every currency eventually crashes and become worthless. So put your focus on building SKILLS and ASSETS – which retain their value even when cash becomes worthless.

6. Inevitability Thinking – ?What conditions would I need to put in place so that the outcome I’d like to have happen, happens automatically??

Exercise: ?Thinking At A Higher Level?

a. What do you know to do that if you did it every day for the next 12 months, would have a huge impact on your long term income, but you don’t do it every day because you can’t get yourself to take action?? Work on side business first hour of every day.
b. What conditions would you have to put in place so they made sure you actually did the thing you know you should do, every single day?
c. What would you have to put in place so you made sure you actually put in place the thing you’d have to put in place so you do the thing you know you should do, every day?

7. Success with money and in life is about learning how to think at a higher level.


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