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Ed Dale – Starting From Scratch


Published on: December 14, 2020
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So, you?re looking to quit the rat race, move into the world of online marketing and get that work-life balance? This course, delivered by Ed Dale will teach you a proven, no risk process for building a bank, whilst at the same time, preparing you for going it alone?

Hi Gang, Ed Dale here ? and I?m delighted to be teaming up with the awesome folks from The 8.45 Club to bring to you a new style of teaching. You lead a busy life yes? You have a ton of reports, videos and DVD?s sat on a shelf unwatched yes? Well this style of teaching is VERY different.

We will deliver bite-sized chunks of seriously practical, engaging video into your inbox every 3 days for the next month? At the end of each session, I will give you action points while you?re waiting for the next module ? so slowly but surely you can absorb this process and get cracking in this amazing world of Internet marketing.

This course is the result of a process I?ve been working on for four years now, which teaches you how to build a bank ? a pot of money to enable you slowly but surely ? and note those words ? to give up your day job and become a full time internet marketer.

HEALTH WARNING: Internet marketers do not lounge around on boats and sip champagne on private yachts all day? do not be under this illusion. It?s a job, like every other one, with big upsides and it?s not going to happen over night ? BUT with the right disciplines and processes in place ? you too can learn how to do it successfully.

So then ? you?ve done the Thirty Day Challenge or The Challenge right? I hope so ? and if you haven?t ? that?s possibly a good time to leave here and go and understand some of the fundamentals first of all, because this course builds on the knowledge learnt during this amazing programme? If you don?t have time ? don?t worry ? I?ll still be able to take you through the process ? but I reckon you?ll be in better shape if you do.

What will I get from your course Ed?

Of course? in addition to the streaming video, we?ve added an iPhone compatible H.264 MP4 file to each day?s module. All you need to do is to download the file into iTunes and sync your iPhone, iPod or iPad device. You can then watch the modules at your leisure?

So does this technique really work Ed?

Don?t take my word from it ? during the course, you?ll hear from two people who?ve well and truly done it and got the t-shirt by following this process. Both speak during my recent Melbourne conference and after the session ? check out the photo of Danny 5 mins after it finished ? he was mobbed by people wanting more!

In module 9, you?ll be able to hear the whole story ? where Danny talks to me on stage for 20 minutes about his experiences and reveals some of the side benefits which have come from him following this process.

In short ? by the end of the month, if you follow along, you?ll have all the information you need to start building your bank in your spare time and begin that transition to becoming an internet marketer ? which is a lot different to just making that first dollar!

So when I hit register now, what do I get Ed?


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