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Ed O’Keefe – Time Collapsing Academy & Mastermind


Published on: December 10, 2020
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6 Proven Steps To Making Money Fast
. In ANY Industry The system I used to build every single business I had Pre-Time Collapsing was incredibly simple: 1 – Find the Market
2 – Figure Out What I Was Going To Sell Them
3 – Get Website Traffic
4 – Make it Profitable
5 – Scale The Crap Out Of It
6 – Leverage (Either with my own team, or by outsourcing.) Seems like a winning formula, right?
WRONG. Here’s why:
1. You get really, really busy going in all sorts of directions and TRYING a TON of things.
2. You have no idea where your revenue is coming from, and where you’re losing money.
3. You work every hour you have, and start to lose sight of what really matters – friends, family and fun.
4. You become blinded, and can?t figure out how to make MORE Money, While Maintaining Control. THE FORMULA IS GARBAGE
What seems so successful to start with starts to rob you of your health and happiness.
The overwhelm, the worry and the stress are one thing, but this hit and miss approach means your business will not make money long-term.
Your ?Winner? Now Becomes A Hidden Trap That Is Preventing You From Growing My system, that I thought worked so well to start with, quickly became a nightmare, sapping the life, the energy (and the cash!) from me.
I knew things had to change.
I needed a new way of working:
One designed for SPEED One that was EASILY SCALABLE One where I could still LIVE MY LIFE And one that made better use of my time
I Created The Time Collapsing System Because My Life Was Out Of Control. And My Business Was Going To Die. Fast.
I tried and tested EVERYTHING.


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