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Ed Strachar – Reading Genius 2.0


Published on: December 10, 2020
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What Can You Gain by Having the Planet’s Most Powerful Reading Course?

Are You Behind are Your Reading?
Do you have books on the shelf that you want to read but can’t find the time?
Are there things you want to learn and know more about but the task of reading simply takes too long?
Are you tired of old speedreading systems that require weeks of practice and produce dubious results?
Would you like to take advantage of all the latest breakthroughs in learning research, methods that show you how to use more of your natural brain power and that use methods previously reserved for top athletes actors and even astronauts?

This world is full of knowledge on how to achieve all of these things. People with the same challenges, aspirations, goals and problems that you have, have already solved these problems and the solutions are written about in books.

The Challenge: Finding the time to read those books and remember what they say.

Reading Genius 2.0 draws on the latest research in brain science to allow you to achieve the most effective results in as short a time possible.No longer will you have to struggle to read faster and faster, or take endless notes so that you remember what you have just read. Once you learn how to achieve the correct mental state, you will absorb knowledge like a sponge. Once you learn the special and unique methods to turn on your brain power, you will not only get results you never thought possible but also learning will actually become fun and exciting again.

What do you do with Reading Genius 2.0 course?

Step #1- Watch the Video
In the video Ed gives you a full length explanation of the modern learning priciples applied in Reading Genius. You will see other experts in learning as well as actual live seminar footage, hear from real life students like yourself, many of whom were skeptical and din’t believe the hype or were tired of speed reading courses that yieded only temporary results. You will hear how all the principles in Reading Genius are completely natural and innate. So repetitive practive is not what’s needed to get great results. Instead, you just need to learn a few key steps.. and apply the lessons. Lessons that students as young as 8 yrs to 80 yrs old have applied easily and effectively.

Step #2 – Listen to the Audios
When ready, you begin the lessons on 3 Audios which take just a few hours to complete. You also receive 3 extra Audios full of special tips, secrets and methods that insure your value and learning continues for many years to come.

You will learn:
A) Why your mind daydreams and wanders and how to focus it.
B) The prinicples of mental training, accelerated learning and how to apply them to reading. This will make you realize your inner genius ability!
C) How to turn on your tremendous brain power we are all told about. You will learn the keys to be totally relaxed, which has been scientifically proven to improve learning. You will learn to get your mind and body into the right state before you read. So that you absorb more, remember better and have less stress. The lessons are put to music so you remmeber and “feeeeeel? them while you learn so it gets stored in your long term memory.

Step #3 – Perform the 1-2 minute Software “Workouts!? as you Desire
Now you have learned the Key principles and employed them through your practice on from the audio Lessons. Now all you need is the to do occasional workouts of a few minutes using the Reading Genius Software tools. THis will keep building your brain power and remind you of the important skills. Just like muscles need to go to a real gym to stay strong, the same principle applies here.

Exercises that start training you to reading phrases, sentences and paragraphs at one time – within just a few minutes

The Reading Genius Gym
Where you can do a 1 – 3 minute workout at the press of a butt


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