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Eugene M. Schwartz – The Brilliance Breakthrough


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    Eugene M. Schwartz – The Brilliance Breakthrough How To Talk And Write So That People Will Never Forget You About the Book Dear friend, ? Everyone practicing copywriting or marketing today needs as much Gene Schwartz in their life as possible. I believe he might be the most important figure in the history of advertising when it comes to the merging of human behavior with copywriting and marketing. And since I like to say, “marketing isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” (in the context of how to get your mission or vision out to as many people as possible and as powerfully as possible), learning how to write like Gene (which you will from this book) is your ticket to creating the most powerful messaging possible. As Gene says at the conclusion of chapter three: “.from words, you have generated images. And now from these images you will generate sentences. And from these sentences you will then generate entire discourses. Stories, reports, instructions, poems. a universe of shared emotions and thoughts.” Despite the fact that Gene never wrote anything for an online promotion, what he is talking about here – and everywhere in this book – applies to all media and forms of communication: Sales letters, space ads, email, video scripts etc. – any written communication that has as its main purpose to get the reader to respond. and buy. Online or offline. I think you will also be struck by how simple Gene’s writing approach seems to be and his willingness to peel back the curtain on that approach. word by word, sentence by sentence. The exercises at the end of each chapter – almost like “Mad Libs” for copywriting (but way more productive and with “correct answers” in the book!) – will guide you through a process that will make you a better writer. Also, please follow Gene’s instructions on how to use this book best. He emphasizes the importance of applying the lessons from each chapter immediately. So if you can, please attack the book as Gene recommends. you won’t be disappointed. And since I was always taught to never write inside the pages of a book (until I got to college!) – especially one as valuable as this one – I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to apply Gene’s techniques. That’s why I created the accompanying workbook which includes all of the exercises which appear at the end of each chapter. The workbook will also make it easier to toggle between the book and the exercises in the workbook. These exercises will enable you to write in ways you never thought possible. I firmly believe that when we are working inside our passion – when our work is truly our play – you can become the best copywriter for your business.


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