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Ewen Chia – Secret of Resale Rights


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover and achieve, even if you implement just a few of the strategies inside ?Secrets of Resale Rights?…

Most people think ?resale rights? are dead… and make a killer profit by taking advantage of it before they realize it’s the fastest, easiest way to launch yourself into ?expert? status – and make a killer profit WITHOUT the hassles of creating your own high quality products from scratch!
How to pick the highest quality Resale Rights products… and avoid accidentally killing your profits as most people do when trying to make money with resale rights (and usually end up quitting because they don’t know this crucial step).

2 different, yet equally vital strategies you absolutely MUST implement… if you want to put your business on near autopilot (most marketers fail to tell you about the long and complicated process of getting traffic, affiliates, buyers – the list goes on) and use this shortcut that allowed me to pull MILLIONS of dollars over the last few years almost effortlessly!

How some marketers get ?expert? status in record time… and how YOU can too with the least amount of effort (and never waste weeks attempting to create a product from scratch) … hint: the richest marketers are usually the laziest too (just ask one of my peers)… and then use the most respected experts in your field to send you hordes of hungry, ?buyer traffic? to your website!
A stupidly simple trick to ?piggyback? off expert marketers… and literally STEAL their ?big name? credibility – then use it to your advantage by making THEIR customers YOUR customers!
How to get ?high flyer? experts to promote YOUR products for you and gain access to the ?inner circle? of well known marketers. Some of these experts have lists of ?proven buyers? so large that a single promotion could earn literally tens of thousands for you in mere days…
20 Questions You Absolutely MUST Answer… if you want to avoid the ?resale rights nightmare?… this questionnaire will save you months off the learning curve and help you avoid crappy products that kill your chances of success (for now and the future – one bad product and you can kiss your future online career goodbye).
Set up a killer sales funnel… a sales funnel is designed to get buyers to make a slightly larger investment after their purchase so we can ?strike while the iron is hot!? and take advantage of ?proven buyers? – to squeeze more money out of the same customers – and best of all, you only need to set this up once!

Create a powerful email series and sell to previous customers… from work you only did once! Marketing experts agree that it takes approximately 7 views of your marketing message to get someone to buy… so after we set up this simple system, you too can have your very own ?on call? list of customers to buy at the click of a button…
(it’s much, much easier for someone to buy again from you than it is to get a new customer – which is why it’s so important to always ensure you have the highest quality products)
Why setting up a ?forced? opt-in is costing you sales AND subscribers… and how to use my PERSONAL system instead to get as many subscribers and BUYERS as fast as possible!
How to take a one-time product… and package it as a membership site so that you can have recurring payment time and time again. When you discover how to do this, you’ll probably get mad as hell… especially if someone is using this trick on you right now!)
How to use ?resale rights? to drive FREE, AUTOMATED traffic forever… You’ll get strategies on getting OTHER people promoting ?buyer traffic? (no freebie-seeking, tyre kicking, time-wasting traffic) and send them straight into your sales funnel and squeeze every dollar from work you only did ONCE!
10 Kickass ?outside the box? strategies to absolutely destroy the competition… these days, having the same plan as everybody and their dogs will get you eaten alive – use these unique systems and blow the competition out of the water and succeed massively in an already competitive, ?cut throat?, online marketplace.
How to ?idiot proof? your business… and allow others to take the risk BEFORE you invest time, money, and energy into a project that might not work out (this alone could save you months of frustration and literally thousands of dollars)…
A simple way to completely eliminate ?writers block?… and create groundbreaking products from scratch (but only if you want to)… then sell them with resale rights and generate THOUSANDS of leads and send them straight to your sales funnel without even lifting a finger!
5 ?tweaks? you can use to instantly create a brand new TURNKEY product… this is only for the absolutely laziest marketers on the planet! (and one other ?secret? technique I use to churn out cash-pumping products in record time…)


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