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Excel 2016: Cleaning Up Your Data


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Imported data isn?t always pretty.
In this course, Dennis Taylor explains how to take data from a system file, database, text file, or poorly designed Excel worksheet, and whip it into optimal shape.

Dennis explores the functions, commands, and techniques in Excel that restructure data, remove unwanted characters, convert dates into the desired format, and prepare data for efficient analysis. He covers adjusting column and row placement, transposing data with the REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE functions, the Text to Columns command, the new Flash Fill feature, and more.

Topics include:

* Moving and inserting rows and columns of data with a simple drag
* Replacing data at the character level
* Converting dates with text functions
* Converting text data to values
* Using the CONCAT and TEXTJOIN functions to combine data
* Splitting data into columns via the Text to Columns feature
* Using Flash Fill for faster combining and splitting
* Checking and correcting spelling mistakes


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