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ExcelR Solutions – Data Science-ForecastingTime series Using XLMiner,R&Tableau


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Forecasting using XLminar,Tableau,R is designed to cover majority of the capabilities from Analytics & Data Science perspective, which includes the following

Learn about scatter diagram, autocorrelation function, confidence interval, which are all required for understanding forecasting models
Learn about the usage of XLminar,R,Tableau for building Forecasting models
Learn about the science behind forecasting,forecasting strategy & accomplish the same using XLminar,R
Learn about Forecasting models including AR, MA, ES, ARMA, ARIMA, etc., and how to accomplish the same using best tools
Learn about Logistic Regression & how to accomplish the same using XLminar
Learn about Forecasting Techniques-Linear,Exponential,Quadratic Seasonality models,Linear Regression,Autoregression,Smootings Method,seasonal Indexes,Moving Average etc,?


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