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Ezra Firestone – Advanced Ecommerce Email Marketing


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Advanced Ecommerce Email Marketing ? Ezra Firestone

What We?re Going to Cover?

  • My best email sequences and how to replace them
  • Holiday Sales Campaign Results
  • Facebook Messenger Bonus
  • An Opportunity to Train With Me

Content Email Ideas

  • Curent Event Analysis
  • Tips/Tricks/Market Related Blog VIdeos/Posts
  • Funny Memes
  • Curated Content They Might Like
  • Your Take On Some Else?s Post

Offer Email Ideas

  • Product Announcement
  • Sales (deadlines create urgency)
  • Product Cross-Sell
  • Open The Box/Customer Case Study
  • Pre-Order Campaigns

Pre-Purchase Best Practice

  • At Least 7 Days Of Emails
  • End With Strongest Offer
  • Leverage Discount Ladder
  • Unsubscribe If They Buy
  • Add Bucket List If No Purcchase

5 Week Training

5 Week done ?udemy? style in several short videos

Clear bechmarks (before and afters) at the end of each video to easily focus you, and aim your success and action


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