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Ezra Firestone – Smart Google Traffic


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Nothing too special here, just about building ad accounts and various profiles to begin marketing.

How to use GDN (Google display network), the basics & more. Creating lists, ads & using list from AdWords vs GAN. Pretty cool stuff if you?re balls deep in the ecommerce game.

For me this is adwords 101, but it goes into ensuring that your competition aren?t going to bid on your branding keyword at like 1 cent per click. For example, if you had a brand called ?Cute Furry Bear Slippers?, you want to make sure you set a good amount of bid amount on this brand keyword so that a competitor doesn?t come in and bid on this keyword for 1 cent and steal some of your audience. Also goes into bit about using Adwords for prospecting.

Goes into Google shopping for some more prospecting and remarketing tool for brand searches. Google shopping is a comparison shopping search engine that will compare products from amaz0n, Google, etc.

I must admit, most of the training course that was covered I knew about but I haven?t really tested with Shoppable TrueView ads, apparently Ezra uses it for remarketing campaigns, showing new products to existing customers. He also shows you how to combine Google shopping with youtube pre-roll video ads. Dank.

Using Google adwords ?ecosystem? to find prospect campaigns!

This is a 2 day event which gives you an over the shoulder look at some of Ezra?s own e-Commerce business, taking a look at his traffic and conversions. Also guest speakers. Also teaches you more about project management.

Teaching you about Facebook?s new messenger ads that sends private messeges to your followers. Has some serious potential depending on the product you?re promoting.


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