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F-stop Academy Membership – Inner Circle


Published on: December 14, 2020
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12 Reasons To Join Today & Become The Film Maker You Really Want to Be?(watch video to find out more)

World Class Professional Video and Film Maker Training Community

Each month you’ll receive exclusive training, tips and techniques, industry insight and business of film making resources to help you to continuously improve your skills – delivered by Den and his industry expert peers.

Whether it’s basic video training and advice on gear and techniques, whatever your camera or camcorder – or sales and business support on starting or building your video production business, we will provide your with the best training each and every month.

Here’s a little look at some of the key training elements you’ll have immediate access to, once your become a member of Den’s Inner Circle:

Membership Training

Lennie’s Lessons

Whatever your skill level, you’ll find a wide variety of step-by-step tutorials from Den on all aspects of video production, including tutorials requested by members, driven by their specific needs.

Business & Marketing Advice

Den’s tips on turning your passion for film making into a profitable business. Whatever your genre of work, there’s a way to make money out of it.

Monthly Q&A with Den

Submit your burning film making questions and get them answered by Den. There’s no more reliable way to get a trusted and complete, real world answer to your film making dilemma, no matter what the topic is.

Audio Lessons

Members will be able to download regular and exclusive audio content on tips and expert advice on video production and film making.

Expert Interviews

Listen or view our exclusive interviews from successful industry experts as they share their past and present experiences, tips and techniques of the trade.
Membership Resources

Trainings and tutorials are all great components, but it’s also important to have a wide variety of other resources to help and guide you through many decision making processes. Here’s a look at some of what you can expect to find in our resources area:

Kit Recommendations

A great member benefit. As professional film makers, we choose superior tools to make shooting and production easy and reliable. We share those recommendations with our members.

Bonus Materials

Regular and welcome additions to your membership include a variety of bonuses such as teleseminars/webinars, apps and software recommendations, pdf production blueprints, recommendations on books and websites and other resources to help get you or your video business on track.

Gear Tests

With new cameras and accessories continually coming to the marketplace, technology is always developing. Den gets in there to see if the new kit lives up to the marketing and he shares his detailed thoughts with Inner Circle members first.
Additional Member Benefits & Support

A key strength of being an Inner Circle Member is being able to share ideas and insights and inspire and motivate other members. These people are growing their film making knowledge, developing their techniques and building their businesses. You can immediately connect and learn from them and t


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