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FB Live Engagenator – Software + OTO


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    What Is It…?
    FBE is The BEST Software Solution on the Internet That Allows You To Facebook LIVE “ANY” Video Content You Have on Your Computer (or produce specifically for your Live Event) Directly To Your TimeLine! Facebook has gone head-to-head with Youtube and YOU stand to profit big time from this CLASH OF THE TITANS! There has never been a better time to give Facebook the video content it wants, and to leverage the incredible power of the biggest Social Media monster on the planet.
    Of course, you’ll need the right tools for the job…
    “So, What The Heck Has Just Happened?
    It’s Official… Facebook has gone to war with YouTube and Periscope. Facebook Live is taking over the Internet. And get this… In their effort to dominate YouTube, Facebook is giving unprecedented preference to video content and hosting it on their own platform (organically).
    Of course it would! In their effort to dominate YouTube, Facebook is giving unprecedented preference to video content and hosting it on their own platform (organically).
    The Huge Difference With FB Live Engagenator Is Clear… You never have to go LIVE without using our specially coded VIDEO EDIT feature. ( no other LIVE system has it ) Unlike YouTube Live and Periscope, once you go live – you’re live… You have to get it right the first time and good luck… Like it or not your video is out there for the world to see and it may not be a pretty thing. But using our FB Live Engagenator VIDEO EDIT, you’ll go live only when you’re ready to go live! No unflattering videos of you floating around on FB… Only your best stuff ready to go viral when you’re ready! PLUS you can upload pre-recorded videos too giving you the best of both worlds! Nowhere else can you deploy pre-edited or pre-recorded videos in LIVE streaming videos out of the box… And no abandoned videos like when unfinished YouTube Live videos never made it live…
    Instead… Get ready for friendly algorithm-boosted FB listings with LIVE streamed videos processed perfectly with, FB Live Engagenator!
    The Facebook Algorithm now skyrockets LIVE content right to the top of its feeds.
    What This Means for YOU
    What if you could get YOUR content boosted right to the top of the FB pile? Imagine your marketing videos receiving massive exposure at the very top of all your friends timelines.
    Don’t you think that would drive engagement through the roof and give your content an unfair advantage? Even the possibility of it going VIRAL?
    But that’s not all…


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