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FCCA Moses Carson Bakaluba – Practical Accounts APP Overview


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Mobile Practical Accounts

Upgrading Accounts Qualifications, either During or After the Course

An Off-line opportunity to Practice Accounts Anywhere. Data is saved on the device, Internet is for only Login.

This App provides Documents, Guides, Checklists, & Software for Accounts Practice.

Practice by Interpreting & Recording integrated Documents.

Identify, Interpret, Verify, Reconcile, Present and Explain 90 Periodic & Year End Reports.

Designed to exploit the many benefits of Mobile Devices.

It?s a Cross between Theory, Practical, and Computerised Accounting, bridging the Gap and Imparting Practical Skills.

The Theory is integrated in ??? on all Recording Forms and Reports.

The Practical component is based on Accounting Firm Procedures, integrated in all provided facilities.

The Computerised part is about Automated Processes and Reports.

Customised Recording Forms with Vat, indicating the DR and CR entries, Pre-Selected Accounts, Automated Figures, etc.

Automated Error Checking and Exposure ? Reconciliations

Some documents recorded in as little as 45 seconds

For a 5 entry recording, select only 2 accounts, type a single figure and everything once, the rest is automated.

Practice Documents Integrated.

15 Periodic Reports, 65 Accounting Schedules, plus a Dashboard

A 34 Task Periodic Checklist and

A 76 Year End Reports (Schedules) Checklist.

Printable Reports and Checklists

Videos explain the destination of recorded figures, and the source of Reported figures.

Live Question & Answer Sessions Online

Specifically designed for Practical Accounts Training

Recap, Re-inforce, and Acquire Practical Accounting Knowledge, Skills and Experience Desired by Employers.



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