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Fibs Don’t Lie Advanced


Published on: February 9, 2022
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Course Contents


  • Trading Log
  • (Examples) EMA Cross & First Bounce
  • (Examples) Regular Fibs
  • (Examples) Fib Layout Break
  • (Examples) Ripple Effect

Overall Market Environment

  • Overall Market Environment19:01

(4) Main Fib Setups

  • Main Fib Setups31:45
  • 1M Scalps (US30)29:19

Tide Shift Pattern

  • Tide Shift Pattern18:53

Legs/Market Structure

  • Legs/Market Structure10:31
  • Supply & Demand28:00

Devils Advocate

  • Devil’s Advocate10:04

50% Rule

  • 50% Rule03:18

Account Management and Growth

  • Account Management and Growth10:43

Journaling and Psychology

  • Journaling and Psychology32:34


  • Webinar 0101:01:22
  • 1-on-1 Session (Summer 2020)01:19:12

Created by

Joe Pena Tampa, FLDiligent day trader and Investor with 5+ years of experience trading a variety of market instruments. After experimenting with almost all patterns and indicators available, found a consistent setup with 90% accuracy. Now trading only the forex market, goes by a strict set of rules that are laid out in the course along with his strategy.


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