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Finn Eisenberg – Ultimate Pressure Cooking – The Complete Course


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Description
With Ultimate Pressure Cooking , you can quickly learn how to use your pressure cooker to prepare healthy, self-made, stunning dishes in no time !

Pressure Cookers have lately been praised by highly rated chefs like Heston Blumenthal. They are back en vogue.

Still many recipe books are either written by amateurs or include recipes back from the 70ies. It?s dificult to get quality instructions and learning material, although knowledge is crucial in order to make best use of this kitchen tool.

A great cook knows how to combine the technical requirements of his kitchen gadgets with the craft of cooking and the artistic skills of composing dishes.

You can now learn from a chef and graduate in Culinary Arts how pressure cooking really works, why the techinique is unique and how to easily create delicious results in a fraction of the time of conventional cooking.

Ultimate Pressure Cooking will teach you these core skills:

? Kitchen Tool ? Learn how a pressure cooker operates and which are the core benefits of using it.

? Culinary Techniques ? Understand basic culinary techniques

? Stocks in the Pressure Cooker: ? Learn about stocks and create your own healthy self-made stocks in no time

? Soups and Sauces in the Pressure Cooker: ? Make healthy vegetable soups in 10 minutes and create basic sauces.

? Slow-Cooking in the Pressure Cooker: ? Learn how to make braised dishes faster than ever before.

? Steaming in the Pressure Cooker:- Use your Pressure Cooker to steam vegetables and fish.

? Rice in the Pressure Cooker- Learn how your pressure cooker can become a Speed Rice Cooker.

? Legumes in the Pressure Cooker:- Understand how to create base legumes to deliver plant based proteins to your diet

? International Classics in the Pressure Cooker: ? Master sef-made Potato Mash, stunning Spaghetti Bolognese, Beef Burgundy and Thai Curry and other classic recipes.

? Desserts in the Pressure Cooker: Create building blocks and compose your own desserts.

? Culinary Thinking: Start to think like a chef

In this course, I am sharing my cooking knowledge from Culinary School applied to the Pressure Cooker.

In addition to over 40 lectures and 3 hours of theoretical foundation and practical, hands-on instruction, this course includes printable PDF summaries of the core concepts of each lesson and all course recipes outlined for stove-top and electric pressure cookers and illustrated with a photo. The Udemy platform also gives you direct access to me where I can offer you personalized feedback along the way.

In just over 3 hours of lessons, you will gain the skills and confidence to master your kitchen tool and achieve restaurant quality cooking results.

Finn Eisenberg

Chef, Food Blogger & Cookbook Author

What are the requirements?
Basic cooking knowledge and interest is required.
You should have standard kitchen equipment such as a blender, sauce pans, cutting boards, oven, in order to follow the recipes.
This is usually standard equipment of a ?normal? kitchen.
Apart from that you only need a pressure cooker with a steamer basket.
You may wait to purchase a pressure cooker until watching the first part of the course where I explain details about which model is best for you.
All recipes are specifically outlined for electric and stove-top pressure cookers. However the videos are demonstrated in a stove-top model
What am I going to get from this course?
Understand everything you need to know about the pressure cooker as a kitchen tool and apply the knowledge in practice.
Master healthy, quick and great tasting dishes in your pressure cooker
Learn how to make self-made stocks and healthy soups in a fraction of the time of conventional cooking.
Understand how to steam vegetables i…


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