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Forex Price action Swing trading with Hull MA candlesticks


Published on: October 1, 2021
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Price action swing trading course based on Hull Moving average candlesticks for Perfect trend trading entries What you’ll learn: identification of forex market tops and bottoms in real time forex market entries under specific, clear and repeating patterns identification and capture of new trends with ease To join into existing trends with ease To identify and trade profitably in volatile ranging markets To eliminate destructive subjectivity in your forex trading To eliminate fear in your forex trading

Requirements MetaTrader 5 Platform

Description Trend trading is a very profitable trading method. Having the ability to easily detect the start of a new trend before everyone else is what separates top traders from the rest of the market participants.

Two Moving average rivers are used in this strategy to determine the overall short term and long term trends. The two rivers are also important dynamic support and resistance levels used to take positions in the markets.

The Latvian OBOS oscillator used in this strategy is very critical in trend following strategies and it will be used to determine accurately, the market structure.

In this strategy, since it is a trend following strategy, I want us to forget about the normal Japanese candlesticks. This is mainly because candlesticks are no longer as reliable in highly volatile markets. Instead, we shall use a special type of candlesticks known as Hull moving average candlesticks. These candlesticks will give us more reliable market entry Color coded signals when precise pattern formation conditions are met.

Also, the strategy implements a 1:3 risk to reward policy, meaning that for every $1 you risk, you stand to gain $3 per trade. This ensures that even if you make mistakes and produce a win rate of 30%, you will still be very profitable in the long-run.

So go back up top, click that enroll button and let’s start trading together, the Latvian Price Action Swing trading method with HMA candlesticks

Who this course is for Traders looking for a profitable forex trading system Traders who are struggling to analyse the forex market Traders who want consistency in their forex trading Traders who have very little time to analyse the forex market charts daily


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