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Foster Hibbard – Millionaire Seminar


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Series of workshop lectures on achievement of personal wealth through overcoming psychological or behavioral barriers to success.

Wealth building secrets:

The first wealth building secret is to clear all the blocks, the fear and guilt within ourselves and completely forgive ourselves and others.
Having a burning obsession, a burning desire is the key to great wealth. Feel that you already have whatever you desire for.
Gratitude is the second secret to wealth. Say thank you. Spend every moment in gratitude.

Practice loving yourself.
Achieving a prosperity consciousness is the third secret to attract money, wealth, abundance.
The fourth secret to wealth is to Practice receiving. Receiving is an important part of giving.
The more receptive I am, the more I am receiving.
Vision board is the fifth secret to wealth. Have a vision board with all the millionaires around you being at the center.
Have a vision board for whatever you want to have a car, a house, and places to visit.
Sixth secret to wealth is affirmations.

Law of Manifesting:
It is simply transforming energy. Steps to manifest:
Step one: correct identification. Everything is possible as our source is divinity.
Step two: Right Imagination. Visualize what you want vividly.
Step three: Atunement.Have faith that whatever you are visualizing is on its way.
Step four: Right Action.
Think, speak, feel and act positively about your goals.

Spending laws:
step one: Think that by every purchase you are exchanging the money for something greater of value.
step two: constantly think that you have surplus beyond your expenses.
Step three: savings law. Have a bank account and start saving. The feeling of having will bring you more Money.
Step four: Investment law. Have an investment account and start investing.

Wonderful affirmations worth Repeating:

Money is GOD in action. Money is an attribute of GOD.
I dare to prosper.
I am therefore I have.
I am coming from abundance, I am coming from prosperity, I am coming from wealth.
Everyday, in every way, I am becoming richer and richer.
Today I choose to be rich. It is my right to be rich.
I bring cosmic energy into my body.
I am completely surrounded by pure white light. Nothing but good goes out
from me, or comes into me.

Money management ideas:
Pay yourself first.
Have three accounts: wealth, giving and living accounts.

Business ideas:
When you give up money as a motivation, you will start making big, big money.
Use other people’s money to make money.
Work hard till money starts to pour in.
Find a need and fill it.
Surround yourselves with people of intelligence, integrity and kindness.
In getting started, don’t be a spendthrift. Control your expenses.
Go for the capital gains everytime.

Ideas to build a million dollar consciousness:

Make a list of millionaires and start meeting them.
Make a commitment to yourself to greater wealth.
Faith holds the idea of desire in substance until it takes form.

Make enthusiasm as a part of your body.
The number one universal law of increase is joy.Love, health, success and money all depends on joy.

Keep jounals, one each for money, love, career, relationship and write down the ideas. Keep a list of all little achievements.
Don’t ever say ‘I can’t afford it’, instead say ‘I choose not to buy that right now’.
Whatever follows ?I AM? is created.

Everything is limitless, limited only by human mind.
Energy flows where attention goes. Let it be positive.

Plant the seeds and accept the crop. Giving is the seed we plant.
Whatever money we give is the seed money. Give money and it will return tenfold.
All of life is what you have created. The exciting part is that you can change your thinking and you can change your life.
There are references to the books by Jon Speller’s ‘seed money’ and Lloyd Douglas’s ‘The Greatest Obsession’.
There is repetition of words throughout the book; it is by the intention of foster himself.

Foster Hibbard was a genius. This seminar is priceless and ageless.


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