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Frank Kern – Crowd Control


Published on: December 9, 2020
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This is Frank’s most recent addition to Mass Control. It’s a 3 video set where he talks you through all his major marketing ?tricks? he’s used in his launches and presentations.

I control the mass of the man behind the down low, I’ll think you do not know May. Frank’s a chill in the demand for marketers, but there the most under the radar and stay for only a select group of their choosing to work with have been selected. But he said that marketing to grow up in a few years ago to go to the underground and completely cut off contact your customers with all of the time the decision was taken, used, and seminars in the long run, this one has disappeared million dollar project did not stop anything.

No doubt in my mind if you’ve seen Frank or cold, he might have had a positive impact on your marketing has heard.

Recently been included in the beginning what Frank is cold?

1) Stompernet launch – $ 18 million in 24hrs

2) four hours in a dating product – sold $ 1.4 million

3) Serializer seminar – $ 1 million in 54 minutes

Last but not least he currently selling a million dollars a year ?non-marketing? stuff on a wide range of different Niches is preparing for.

So now you background on Frank kern Mass Control is what your probably thinking at all?

A system and sell it without selling your art so that Frank can do a copy and repeat what he is doing has been made. Marketing experience, what is not important in your top, one on the list is not important is not important. I think the strategy to fight because it is there that 99% of marketers do not know about why open Mass control is creating so much publicity is.


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