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Frank Kern – Info Millionaire


Published on: December 9, 2020
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Frank Kern – Info Millionaire

Book And Videos

This is one of Frank’s first info product books. The videos inside the ebook don’t work…but this ain’t rocket science. It’s all in the book.

The section ?Creating A Web Site That Actually Sells? is imo the best section in the book.

Part 1: An Introduction To The Most
Profitable Business In The World

Know Your Market First

The three ?must have? characteristics of an ideal

Two easy offline ways to find an ideal market before
lunchtime tomorrow.

Discovering your market’s ?Internet home?.

Becoming an ?Internet Psychic?: How to find out exactly
what your market wants to buy long before you make a

Three Types Of Info Products You Can
Create In A Flash

How To Get Your Info Product Created
Quickly And Inexpensively

How To Make Your New Info Product

How To Set Up Your High Profit Web Site

How To Get A Domain Name

How To Get Free FTP Software

Getting Your Web Site Editing Software

Creating A Web Site That Actually

Publishing Your Web Site To The Internet

How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Web
Site In As Little As 17 Minutes.


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