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Frank Kern – Screw Google System


Published on: December 9, 2020
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This course done by Frank Kern and his cousin Trey Smith on making use PPC on other search engines besides google

If you are looking to use Google Adwords with any of these systems you may want to read the following:

Without question Frank Kern is a cool dude. (He is also good looking which always helps when you’re marketing something).

But putting Frank’s good looks and his coolness aside for a second consider the following:

There are several expensive systems on the market today that will teach you how to use Google Adwords. By expensive we mean up to several THOUSANDS of dollars in cost.

The last one we saw broke the high price down into SEVEN ‘easy’ payments of $297.

That is probably an indication of how hard it is becoming to get people to purchase such high priced systems!

Anyway- back to our point.

If it is so easy to make all of this money with Google Adwords why aren’t these gurus just spending their time posting ads, and making this ‘easy money’, with Google Adwords?

In other words, why are they spending so much time, energy, and resources, trying to sell you digital products that teach you ‘how’ to make money with Google Adwords?


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