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Frank Kern – Ultimate Webinar Blueprint


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Yes, Frank! I want to create an amazing webinar campaign that adds massive value to my marketplace, positions me as an authority, builds a super-responsive list, and sells like crazy!

Want to know the first rule of marketing? Sell what people want! And that?s why this module is so valuably important ? because it forces you to peer into the minds of your prospects ? uncovering their deepest desires and the emotions that drive their buying decisions.

And now that you know what they want, what they?re driven by, and what they?re skeptical of ? it?s time to bring them to your webinar like bees to honey ?having them register in droves.

Here?s just a fraction of what?s inside:

The biggesat problem other marketers face is getting their registrants to actually show up. NOT YOU THOUGH.

In this module, you?ll learn how to craft an amazing Indoctrination sequence that not only makes them show up more, it also causes your prospects to feel like they already know you, to like you, to trust you, and to want what you?re selling!

Here?s just part of what you?ll discover:

If you want to create a webinar presentation that sells like crazy while genuinely helping others and positioning you as an authority ?FAST ?then this is for you.

In this module, you?ll MASTER ?

Most marketers think you?re supposed to send out a million replays after the webinar to get sales. THEY?RE WRONG!

I perfected a systematic process to deploy once my webinar is over, and it created a 40% increase in sales for me ?across the board.

Now it?s YOUR turn. I?ve only ever shared this with $10k per month consulting clients and $3,860 per month coaching clients. It?s very powerful and your competition has no idea that this even exists.

Here?s how we?re going to know your post-webinar sales process out of the park:

This is a tremendous value. I don?t know what you sell and what your margins are, but I think you?d agree that you won?t need to make too many extra sales to turn a profit on this investment ?and that this class can certainly teach you how to make a LOT of sales!


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