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Fund Your Next Event With Money from Brand Sponsorship


Published on: December 14, 2020
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I’ll Show You Exactly How I’ve Secured Over $1,000,000 in Sponsorships for My Events

My company is Harlem’s Fashion Row (HFR). I started it from an idea in 2007. You can check out the NY Time Article in the Proof Section of the Course that will give you more information on Harlem’s Fashion Row.

*The price of this course will be $49 until July 12th. After this date, the cost will go up to $149.00.

Just like you, I had little information on how to get sponsors for my events. However, the school of hard knocks has taught me many lessons and I’m sharing them ALL with you! My sponsors have included Verizon, Prudential, Target, Pandora Jewelry, Design Essentials, Marriott International, and Smartwater as sponsors for our events.

Everything you need to secure sponsorships is here. It’s what I use personally. I DONT HOLD BACK anything. I even share things that most people NEVER TELL. If I didn’t include something, I will count on you to let me know. If possible, i will add it to the course or send it to you directly. I’m here and I get back to all students within 48 hours (however I try my best to get back to you in 24).

I’ve done so many things wrong and made so many mistakes over the years. So, guess what? You can use my mistakes to your benefit because now I have an amazing sponsorship process that I use that makes my sponsors happy and keeps my events funded! Win/Win! Score!

Not only do I share everything I know with you, I show you my REAL sponsorship deck that resulted in over $100,000 in sponsorship. I also share a lot of other cool tip, scripts, and examples that you can put into use right away.

All of my resources are shared with you. The attorney I use, my graphic artists, my PR company, and more are all given to you.

This course will be updated often as I receive feedback from you and what you need. I look forward to working with you! Sign up for this course now! The price will be $49 until July 12th. After this date, the cost will go up to $149.00. Others are selling this type of information for over a $1,000.00. Stop thinking of how sponsors can pay for your event and get started on the process now! Sign up and I look forward to interacting with you!

What are the requirements?
– Any computer will work!

What am I going to get from this course?
– Over 45 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
– Know the top secret: what sponsors require
– Understand the language of sponsorship to wow your brands
– Create a sponsorship proposal
– Understand timing and how to not reach sponsors too late
– Secure sponsorship that will reduce their costs
– Understand the the Step by step guide to sponsorship: it is what i use personally
– Understand the asset you might not know you have
– Know the secret no one tells you about the sponsorship deck
– Learn everything you need to know to produce a sponsorship deck
– Understand why most brands require customization
– Create customized packages for brands
– Know my secrets of sponsorship pricing
– Hear about my personal Case studies
– Receive access to the sponsorship deck I use
– Understand the impression number every sponsor will require
– Know the 4 basic social media integration tools for sponsors
– Know the 5 super effect ways to reach sponsors
– Understand why cupcakes are my secret weapon
– Understand why you must have one person in particular on you team that sponsors will expect

What is the target audience?
– You have an event or project you want funded by sponsorship from brands
– You have an event that you produce and you want to increase your sponsorship


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