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Gary Halbert – Fusion Seminar on 11 Video


Published on: December 9, 2020
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The Best Marketing Seminar Ever Given For Dramatically Improving Response And Multiplying Your Bottom-Line Profits!
On June 17 – 19, 2005, Gary got together some friends at the Miami Airport Marriott for a three day seminar. Speakers included Gary, Michael Fortin, John Carlton, Mark Joyner, Joachim dePosada and others.

Let’s take it all apart and break down what each speaker revealed. Let’s start with the ?Prince of Print? himself (that’s me, you dummy). Here’s but a few of the powerful secrets I gave up:

The #1 biggest mistake made by marketers using Google ad-words! This mistake is costing you a small fortune in lost profits.

Discover the #1 best way to grab any reader by the jugular… and… drag him down into your sales message… and… almost force him to buy! This is one of my biggest and most powerful secrets. (Even some of the biggest mailers in the world don’t know this little trick.)

The #1 thing you need to TAKE OUT of every offer you make! Follow my advice on this and I promise you will experience an avalanche of sales and profits in each and every one of your promotions.

How anybody (even a complete novice) can write a world-class sales letter for any product, in any market! This method is so incredibly simple, you don’t even need to do any research. Or in many cases, you don’t even need to know anything about the topic you’re going to write about.

One simple method anybody can use, online or offline, to build huge amounts of credibility and trust in the mind of your prospect! Building this kind of trust and respect is the key to any successful promotion. It’s also one of the biggest factors savvy marketers use to dramatically improve response… by double digit numbers!


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