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Gary Kind – Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (2016)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Utilise these easy to implement checks and techniques to give your website the best chance of increasing business

Stop! Before you spend any more money on advertising or paid services to improve your website make sure you have the foundations laid.

This course is for all business owners that want to make sure their website is working as best it can in terms of attracting new prospects and converting those prospects into customers. Don?t get bogged down in fancy stuff, there are key factors that you should be checking (and implementing) to make sure your website meets the key criteria that search engines now look for.

This is not a course that tries to go off and sell you other services/products. They key here is virtually all the checks/tasks/tools are free. Your investment is time and everything is easy to implement as the course walks you through everything.

It doesn?t matter if you business is service based or product based, you need to make everything is setup correctly.

Of course as a business owner time is precious, so we also cover automation and how tools are available that can save you time, if, like many business owners you are having to juggle 101 things.

Even if you have an established website it maybe that new factors in 2016 have come into play which you have not yet implemented.


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