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George Foster – Building Sustainable High Growth Startups


Published on: December 10, 2020
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According Forbes, around 90% of start-ups are unsuccessful. Can you be an exception? Can you be amongst the 10% of successful start-ups? Yes, you can. Entrepreneurship is a kind of management and we will teach you how by applying Corporate Management disciplines to increase the chances of success of your start-up.

The course initially focuses upon guaranteeing that start-ups have the correct products and services to be offered to the market, thereby avoiding the market adaptation problems.

Once products or services have been correctly adjusted to clients? needs and requirements, efficient sales techniques for the re-defined products or services are taught, so as to guarantee the flow of revenue.

Once the company reaches a correct level of invoicing, the key financial indicators of the business must be controlled. To do so, we explain how to measure and carry out a financial performance follow-up using Performance Management techniques.

Finally, once we have the correct product or service being sold and generating profit, we explain how to efficiently manage the cash flow and costs to avoid running out of money.

During this course, we will explain how to use different Corporate Management disciplines to improve your Management Team and avoid the principal errors made by start-ups that fail. These techniques are based upon our extensive experience as entrepreneurs, start-up mentors and private investors:

Re-formulation of the business strategy, focusing upon the organic growth strategies to adapt our product portfolio to the real needs of our client and the market.
Specific methods to improve sales abilities.
Performance Management to improve company yield, with special emphasis upon the key financial indicators, including key performance indicators and other KPI?s such as the CAC and LTV.
Strategic cash flow and costs management to sustain effectiveness for long-term growth.
What are the benefits of this course?

Anticipate and proactively manage the principal problems faced by start-ups.
Re-design your business strategy in the event that your product is not sufficiently adapted to the market.
Control of the key financial parameters, i.e. the Costs of Acquiring the Customer and the Lifetime Value of that Customer, so that revenue and profitability growth is guaranteed.
Develop the abilities required to sell big opportunities and close big deals in Business to Business environments. Break down the million dollar sales barrier.
Efficient cost management without losing traction or your position against competitors.
Evolution of your Management Team by applying Corporate Management disciplines.
This course provides you with numerous examples and case studies which allow the knowledge acquired to be consolidated. As a final training project and based on our methodology, you will be able to re-formulate the business strategy for your start-up, develop win strategies to close big deals, monitor the key financial business parameters and efficiently manage the company?s costs to avoid running out of cash.

You might think to yourself? ?I have no experience in Corporate Management. How do I drastically increase my value in a short period of time?? You?ll learn from our 20 plus years? of experience while avoiding our pitfalls.

Learn the Corporate Management methodology we teach to Fortune 500 companies. If you follow these lessons and take action, we are confident you?ll be part of the 10% of successful start-ups. Trust it. It has been designed for organizations who want to achieve growth and high performance.


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