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George Katsilidis – Daily Burn – Power Cardio (2017)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Get a full-body burn with Power Cardio! You?ll work to tone, tighten, and burn calories with fun, fast-paced workouts. There?s no shortage of variety here ? we?ll take you through kickboxing, agility training, dumbbell work, core and more.
Power Cardio is a 6-week program that?s approachable for beginner to intermediate levels of fitness. All workouts are 30 minutes or less, so it?s easy to fit a sweat session into your schedule ? and most need no equipment! Ready to power up?

Our aim during the 6 weeks of Power Cardio is to burn serious calories and sculpt lean muscle. You?ll raise your heart rate and get your sweat on with workouts designed to rev your metabolism.
We?ll start by elevating your heart rate with combo moves and weight resistance. Then, we?ll kickstart your cardio with strength and circuit training, while low-impact mobility work keeps you energized from the inside out. The last phase features continuous calisthenics, plyometrics and endurance ? designed to leave you feeling fit and firm.
The difficulty increases as the weeks go on, so remember to go at your own pace.
By the end of Power Cardio, you?ll have completed 36 workouts and nearly 18 hours of tightening and toning your way towards a fitter you!


1.Dara Theodore ? Build and Burn (Power Cardio) (00:32:30)
2.Erika Shannon ? Cardio Kickstart (Power Cardio) (00:31:17)
3.CeCe Marizu ? Amped Athletics (Power Cardio) (00:32:17)
4.Erika Shannon ? Inner Strength (Power Cardio) (00:31:44)
5.Dara Theodore ? Core and More (Power Cardio) (00:23:34)
6.Dara Theodore ? Plyo Power Sculpt (Power Cardio) (00:32:09)
7.Erika Shannon ? Rhythmic Reps (Power Cardio) (00:30:29)
8.CeCe Marizu ? Amped Athletics 2 (Power Cardio) (00:31:32)


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