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Gerald Soh – 50K eCom Profits with Etsy and Shopify


Published on: December 10, 2020
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50K eCom Profits with Etsy and Shopify ? Gerald Soh

What we can learn from 50K eCom Profits with Etsy and Shopify?

In this course, we will discover the new eCom strategy that generated $50,539.47 in sales within 30 days without AliExpress, Print On Demand, Amazon or eBay. We can get sales easily because our products are unique, special, rare, custom made, has high perceived value and most importantly.. zero competition! We?ve done extensive research, testing and created a system for this new strategy.

  • Website Setup ? Stey-by-step video tutorial.
  • Custom Website Theme.
  • Done-for-you list of passionate buyer niches.
  • Done-for-you Script and Templates.
  • Done-for-you Facebook Ads research.
  • Fulfillment Order System.

Hey, it?s Gerald here.

Give me simply 5 minutes of your valuable time and I ?d like to expose how we produced $50,53947within 30 days for our brand-new Shopify shop?

? Without AliExpress or Alibaba

? Without Print as needed

? Without Amazon

? Without eBay

Yes, this is astonishing due to the fact that it is a brand-new method that nobody else is presently utilizing! See the outcomes listed below:

By now you must be believing, ?Seriously? How is this possible??

In short, lets simply state I was fed up with the ?common method? of doing e-Commerce and chose to believe beyond package to discover another brand-new method.

My effort settled instantly as you can see from the video listed below that sales were being available in actually every hour and every minute (even when I?m sleeping).

Here?s the reality.

We can get sales quickly due to the fact that our items are special, unique, unusual, customized made, has actually high viewed worth and most notably. absolutely no competitors!We?ve done comprehensive research study, screening and developed a system for this brand-new method.

All you require to do is follow our easy detailed system to get sales every day!

Now, in case you do not understand who I am, permit me to rapidly present myself.

My name is Gerald Soh, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I?m an Internet Marketing Coach, Speaker and a full-time daddy ?

That?s me speaking on phase at Internet Wealth Summit, sharing my life story to 200 individuals from all around the world.

My task is quite easy? to assist my trainees develop successful online e-Commerce service and to date, I?m blessed to be able to assist my trainees to produce over USD$500,000(RM2 Million Ringgit) in sales jointly. The very best part is ? they all began as a novice!

Check Out These Success Stories ?

Keith produced $51,22124with simply one winning item!

And the list goes on ?


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