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Get The Girl Infield Pickup Exposed


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Content


I will demonstrate how you can apply your Get The Girl! Methods on a wide variety of sets, such as:

Get The Girl * 2 Girl Sets
Get The Girl * Girl and Guy Sets
Get The Girl * 2 Girls and 2 Guys Sets
Get The Girl * Lone Wolf Sets
Get The Girl * Seated Sets
Get The Girl * Party Sets
Get The Girl * Couple Sets

That’s just about every combination you will ever see in the field!
The fact of the matter is these 2 videos contain footage that is second to none in the industry!
In fact, many pick-up veterans would argue that this footage alone is worth the cost of the entire Infield Exposed set!
But the first 2 videos are just the warm-up!

In Get The Girl video’s 3 through 8, your knowledge and confidence will go through the roof, as I take you through each and every set.
.In Play-By-Play Detail. * How to Know the Difference Between a Shit Test and Her Playful Gaming Just to Get in Your Pants!
* The “Right? Way to Enter a Seated Set. and Be Offered a Chair in 90 Seconds!
* The Real Reason Why “Opinion? Openers Don’t Work!
* What to Do When Your Wing is Late Entering a Set!
* How to Eject From a Set. that Guarantees You Re-Opening Later!
* The Secrets to Keeping Your Material Fresh, and Why it’s Critical to Your Game!
* The 90/10 Rule Every Pick-Up Artist Must Know. that Must Regular Guys Don’t!
* How to Nail Down Any Girl with Perfect Future Projections!
* How to Hook Darn Near 100% of the Time!
* How to Amp Up Your Attraction Using the Simple “Love/Hate? Method!
* How to Introduce Your Wing, and Let Your Wing Know Who Your Target is. Without the Girls Knowing!
* The Number One Qualifier You MUST Use on Every Single Set. Period!
* Just to Name a Few! Taking as Much Time as it Takes. Explaining Each Tactic, Technique, and Strategy Used in Explicit Detail. Holding Absolutely Nothing Back!

Here’s what you get in addition to the first 2 videos:
For starters.

Get The Girl Infield Exposed – Get The Girl video #3
The “Party Girl? Set
On this video, we dive head first into a large group set that is part of an even larger party, and win over the party girl! On this disc, I will disclose some of my tried and true secrets, and you will quickly discover:

* How to Open a Set and Gain 3-Minute Instant Attraction!
* The “Mixed Set? Rules That Add Big Time Success to Your Game. Yet, Most Guys Never Learn!
* The Secrets to Delivering Effective Microloops. And How This Little Tip Can Bring You Overnight Results!
* How to Pull in Girls That Interrupt and Disrupt Your Set!
* The “New Thread? Tactic That Allows You to Maintain Control in Any Set. And How to Use this “Cool as Ice? Technique!
* A Clever Technique to Win Over Guys and Keep Them Cool!
* A Smooth Tactic to Discover Who the “Individual Of Importance? is in Party Sets. and Why it is Vitally Important!
* How to Tell, With Perfect Accuracy, When to Enter the Comfort Stage!
* Why Girls Fight Over “Positive Chill Guys?. and How to Be One!
* The Perfect Way to Disqualify a Girl. and Why You Can’t Skip this Step. Ever!
* The “Take Away? Tactic. that Forces Her to Work Harder for Your Attention!
* A Fast Crash Course of Kino. that Will Get You Fast Affection!
* A Fail Proof Number Close. that Gets Her REAL Number Each Time!
* And, a Whole Lot More!

And, as if that was not enough there’s.

Infield Exposed – Get The Girl video #4
The “Same Night Pull?, “Hired Gun Move?, and “Group Move? Sets
Buckle Up! On this video, we move fast and furiously through a sarge that leads to a historical same night pull with a super hottie, a set with a smokin’ hired gun, and a set that involves moving a group set into your own group! This is a power packed part that is full of pick-up tactics that can only boost your game. Here’s a small dose of what you will discover:

* How to Q


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