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Gilad TV: Bodies in Motion – 900 Series Complete Season


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The 900 series consists of 22 shows all shot on beautiful secluded beaches on Oahu. The good news is you get 22 different workouts in this series. The 900 series debuted in 1993. The locations included Waikiki Beach, Kailua Beach, Sandy Beach and the tropical jungle at the Nature Center. All of these locations are on the island of Oahu.

This season’s workout core team consisted of Gilad and his mother Ora, Trella, Felicia, Sue, Tracey, Jason, Bill, Gabby, Melina, the Reber family kids Emily, Bradley and Cecily and a girl named Donna from Czechoslovakia. We also had special guest Jim Karanas, a trainer friend of Gilad’s from San Francisco.

We didn’t have a lot of animals on the show this year. We did have one multi-colored macaw named Wilma.

You will see Gilad as an Arab oil salesman, an Indian (from India), a parachutist (real), the Godfather and a dentist.


Episode 901 – Waikiki Beach. Lots of tourists. Hips and thighs.
Episode 902 – Waikiki Beach, tourists join in. Area of the day is the back.
Episode 903 – Waikiki Beach. Tourists in bikinis. Biceps and triceps.
Episode 904 – Waikiki Beach. Gilad’s dad Harold. Hips and thighs.
Episode 905 – Waikiki Beach. Canadian tourists. Shoulders, abs and buns.
Episode 906 – Waikiki Beach. Purple tights. Hips and thighs.
Episode 907 – Waikiki Beach sunset. Lots of sailboats. Chest and inner thighs.
Episode 908 – Kailua Beach. Bad weather. High energy. Shoulders and abs.
Episode 909 – Kailua Beach. White baseball caps. Hips and thighs.
Episode 910 – Kailua Beach. 3 Seattle tourists. Chest.
Episode 911 – Humid jungle. The ‘Godfather’. Chest.
Episode 912 – Tropical jungle. Gilad the dentist. Hips and thighs.
Episode 913 – Humid jungle. Trella’s problem move. Back.
Episode 914 – Tropical jungle. Mountain biker. Shoulders.
Episode 915 – Tropical jungle. Gilad skydiving. Hips and thighs.
Episode 916 – Humid tropical jungle. Sweat. Shoulders.
Episode 917 – Sandy Beach. Squalls out on the ocean. Hips and thighs.
Episode 918 – Sandy Beach. Emily and Cecily. Chest.
Episode 919 – Sandy Beach. Emily and Brad. Hips and thighs.
Episode 920 – Sandy Beach. Emily, Cecily, Bradley. The back.
Episode 921 – Sandy Beach. Rain and Surf. Trella funny. Biceps/Triceps.
Episode 922 – Dramatic clouds. Sandy Beach. Basketball team. Hips and thighs.


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