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Gozo Shioda – Yoshinkan Aikido: The Complete Set of Techniques


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The Yoshinkan Complete Set of Techniques is available in an incredible 3 videos. This is regarded as the most complete collection of Aikido techniques on any video set. Techniques are demonstrated by Soke Gozo Shioda and instruction is performed and explained by top Yoshinkan instructors: Tsutomu Chida, Hitoshi Nakano, and Tsuneo Ando. Full English narration.

Part 1
Kihondosa (Basics) -Rei (Etiquette) -Hanmi (Stance) -Shikko Ho (Knee
Walking) -The 6 Basic Movements of Yoshinkan Aikido -Ukemi (Falling)
Shihonage (14 techniques)
Ikkajo (36 techniques)

Part 2
Nikajo (35 techniques)
Sankajo (32 techniques)
Yonkajo (28 techniques)

Part 3
Iriminage (52 techniques)
Hijishime and Hiji Ate Kokyu Nage (49 techniques)
Kotegaeshi (27 techniques)
Tenchinage (4 techniques)
Kokyuho (5 techniques)
Jiyuwaza (12 techniques)

Language: Japanese & English narration

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