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Greg Greenway – Sex On Demand System


Published on: April 27, 2022
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This system for men is designed to get a woman sexually addicted to you. It shows you how to bypass a woman’s logical decision making process and install uncontrollable feelings of lust and primal desire it her subconscious.

Based on a system called Operant Conditioning, under the radar mind control where individuals behavior is modified by using rewards and punishments, this system combines sexual triggers with Operant Conditioning to alter a woman’s reward system and reprogram it to make her sexually addicted to you.
List of Topics:
– How to turn a friend into a lover
– How to smoothly sexually escalate
– Phrases to make a women excited
– How to create immediate sexual tension
– How to build sex appeal and sex funnels
– Attracting women without lifting a finger
– How to turn a female friend into your sex buddy
– How to meet and get a woman into your bedroom
– Strangers to sex formula to get laid fast with a woman
– Using Operant Conditioning to make a woman addicted to you
– Sex appeal secrets that Hollywood actors use to become sex symbols
– Conversation techniques, banter line, and fun games to turn up her sexual desire


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