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Greg Morrison & Mike Long – OMG Machines


Published on: December 10, 2020
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OMG Machines is a vBook (PDF book where you can click on images inside to go watch the supportive videos) that is presented in 52 pages (of course the videos are the core of the course) with 15 over the shoulder videos. In these videos Greg starts a website from scratch till it is ranked on top of Google. Every single step is illustrated with on page SEO and building backlinks. The website is based on local marketing but Greg is creating a new one at the moment about affiliate website (the ranking method is the same). The idea in summary is to build mini-sites (staple sites) based on a specific keyword then build backlinks to rank them (this is the golden part).

Let?s get deeper inside the One Man Gang Machines vBook:

The vBook starts with an overview of how everything is organized and how to watch the videos. Then it gives some general and motivating tips with special attention to SEO. First, there?s an introductory video by Mike Long (27:48) where he illustrates the basics of building these affiliate sites and the power of using them to build a list and the importance of launch jacking.

Following this video, there?s another bonus video about understanding keywords by Greg Morrison (20:56). This is a must see video before building any website to get the most of the most out of it (a perfect trick that was really new to me). Another bonus video about expired domains (10:49). These bonus videos are parts of the Nitro upsell but are given here for free.

Greg also illustrates how to find clients if you are after local marketing websites. Now, it is time for the core 15 videos of the OMG Machines method.

Over The Shoulder (OTS) Video 1 ? Getting Started (6:58): After registering the domain and adding the hosting, Greg shows how he creates his first post and what are the specifics you need to know while doing this (i.e.: What to do and what not to do). And how to make it SEO friendly.

OTS Video 2 ? The 2nd Article (6:08): Here Greg adds his second article. He also illustrates the difference between it and the first one.

OTS Video 3 ? Intra Site Linking (7:17): It?s time for the 3rd article. This comes with the inner site linking and how to use LSI keywords.

OTS Video 4 ? Update, Anchor Text (3:56): This is a quick video on some adjustments needed and images linking.

Additional Video ? Fast and Easy Link Automation (1:02:00): this is a 1 hour webinar where Mike Long and David Sprague illustrates how to use Magic Submitter step by step to automate the process of link building.

OTS Video 5 ? UAW (21:26): This is a video on the first tool Greg uses to build backlinks. I personally use UAW but to be honest this is the first time to learn how to use it this way. Very powerful video.

OTS Video 6 ? SYA Submissions (24:30): Another tool Greg uses to rank his sites. He shows how to do it exactly after Penguin.

N.B.: You can use Magic Submitter with or instead of any of the 2 tools above.

OTS Video 7 ? Fine Tuning (7:21): Here Greg adds a new article to his site.

OTS Video 8 ? Article Mastery (6:28): Here Greg adds the final touches on his website.

OTS Video 9 ? Social Monkee (13:40): This is a cool tool for social backlinks. Here Greg illustrates how he uses Social Monkee to create powerful backlinks in a specific schedule.

OTS Video 10 ? On Page Content, Links (13:55): Greg shows the dos and don?ts of adding outbound links (which are important these days). He also adds a new article to his website.

OTS Video 11 ? Adding Videos (13:28): Here Greg shows how to add videos to your sites (very powerful for rankings). Don?t worry if you don?t know how to make videos as Greg shows how to use other people videos from YouTube. He also shows video features and what to avoid with many examples.

OTS Video 12 ? Overdrive (17:34): This video is an advanced one to dilute the anchor …


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