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Published on: December 10, 2020
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Grow and Convert ? Customers From Content

Introducing the Customers from Content System

While we?ve been busy doing everything you?ve just read above, we?ve been testing dozens of content types, promotion techniques and conversion tactics, and we?ve distilled it down to a 6 part system for getting a steady stream of customers through content.
We call it the Customers from Content System and we?ve developed a complete online video course to teach it to you.

What You?ll Learn in Customers from Content
Customers From Content is a 6 module video course, fully online, that you can access from anywhere anytime you like.
Module 1 ? Know Exactly Who to Target
Most content marketers don?t have a deep understanding of who they?re marketing to. This handcuffs them to producing crappy fluff content forever. After this module you?ll have the skills to avoid this trap and level up your content.
? We walk you through detailed examples of mirage content vs. high quality content and breakdown the difference
? You?ll immediately start understanding what makes good vs. bad content, and your creative wheels start turning
? You?ll learn how to narrow down and identify the specific customers for which you should generate content.
? You?ll learn our process for getting super deep on understanding the pain points of your best customers
? You?ll learn the specific user research tactics we use to get customer information

Module 2 ? Creating Content That Stands Out
Here you?ll learn our system for getting beyond ?me too? fluff content (like listicles), and produce stellar, specific content that your ideal customers will bookmark, email to each other and share.

? You?ll learn the 6 content frameworks we use for ourselves and our clients
? You?ll know what each framework does and when to use it
? We?ll dive deep into our ?sales funnel? framework so you?ll know when to product bottom, middle, or top of funnel content and what each does
? Watch us walk through specific examples and teardown of many content pieces in the lens of each framework
? Learn how to connect Module 1 to Module 2 and apply your customer understanding to produce content better than competition

Module 3 ? Content Promotion
This is where almost everyone struggles. Almost no one teaches this (well). You?ll learn our system for content promotion that we?ve used get over 20,000 visitors in a month to this site and to generate tens of thousands of visitors per month to multiple client?s blogs.
? Learn how to research and identify promotion channels so you can use your time most efficiently
? Watch Benji screencast through our community content promotion process, teaching you the nooks and crannies of finding and posting in online communities
? Learn how to get influencers to share your content without being pushy or sending 100s of spammy emails (we never have)
? Get our honest and detailed opinion of guest posting (we don?t do much of it) and how best in integrate it into your strategy
? Learn how we use PR as a promotion strategy, starting at the content ideation step, to dramatically increase the chances of getting coverage

Module 4 ? Blog Conversions
Devesh has run blog conversion tests for sites such as Backlinko and corporate blogs with over 100,000 monthly visitors. In this module, he teaches what he knows about converting blog visitors, shares a starting plan you can adopt, and lays out a framework for you to optimize.
? Should you nurture over email or just ask for a lead? Devesh shares how to use our spreadsheet model to know, with numbers, which route you should take.
? Get the real truth on how well different calls to action on blogs convert so you don?t have to inundate your blog with


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