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GunWitch – Seduction MMA


Published on: April 27, 2022
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Why ? ?Seduction MMA?
This is a hybrid method of picking up women, like a mixed martial art (like the sport people often call MMA), that works stunningly better than old styles of pickup and seduction by themselves. My own old methods included.

In this metaphor, if my original seduction materials were like Boxing, and other styles were like everything from Karate to Judo to Kung Fu or Wrestling, a man using these new materials in comparison, would be practicing a hybrid style that incorporates the best there was and is, with new innovations, to be much more effective.

Plus, I had to call it something catchy, and the metaphor does fit.

Who is it for?


Beginners: You just got lucky, you will save thousands of dollars learning all the most cutting edge material there is. Everything available in the entire seduction community in one source, with one structure. You won? t find anything, anyplace else, that isn? t included here (that works anyway). Again I have seen it all, and tried it all in field, recent and for a long time. I am going to melt your brain out of your ears!

Intermediates: Get ? ?unconfused? ? in field. Clear up the community contradictions of what works and what doesn? t, at a scientific level, not theory level. Get what you know synched up and put in a structure that will massively improve your results.

Advanced: Learn my hook solutions, and inner to outer game synergy materials. Plus tons of new techniques and tactics never before released anywhere. If you are advanced, then you know who I am, and you know that I am an innovator, so you know you gotta have it , you probably aren? t even reading this, you probably already purchased haha! Plus learn the stronger easier to apply current versions of my original methods and techniques (which again as you know if you are in this game enough to be advanced, were already the foundation of most every pickup system).

For everyone: I do not live in Hollywood, CA and do club game in the same 5 bars and nightclubs with the other 95% of men in this field. I mastered my pickup game in Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, San Diego, Medford, Los Angeles (yeah Hollywood too haha), Reno, Eugene and 20 other small towns you? ve never heard of from Canada to Mexico. My stuff is for places like where YOU live. With women like YOU will be dealing with. My first 100 approaches didn? t include 98 gold digging wanna be actresses on cocaine. You aren? t getting bizarre skewed advice from the fringes of some specific society from me. From me you get materials that work in the ? ?other 99%? ? of what is


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